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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Input and Bankroll at new low...

I have been no doubt busy with work, organising a wedding (that I didnt know would be so expensive) and planning a trip to Las Vegas to work for Pokernews during WSOP time, only to notice the bankroll is very fastly slipping away to $0!

I havent played for about 2 months which of course has been pretty slack on my behalf, but I didn't think between the other 2 that the roll would just keep going down. If anything without me playing their is more chance of our monies going up up and up!

Roll is currently at $150 something meaning we have now lost over half of what we have put in after we grabbed a bonus. We have been playing cash but since that has been happening we are going nowhere but downhill!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Im Done

I fucking quit.........

The difference 1 or 2 cards make on someone's mood and bankroll.
Especially when its the last card.

Im sick of losing constantly on a daily basis to.....
1, 2 and 3 outters.
Gutter balls.
Runner runner dogshit
Miracle cards.....

People that are so far behind they havent even showed up to the race yet........

Theres no way to win. The only way your gonna win anything at poker is if your already rich, sponsorships deals, backers, or if you have a purdy mouth.

Poker is a huge waste of time and energy.
Poker is probably as bad as I imagine herpes being.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As we speak............

Right now as we speak I'm trying to patch up our bleeding bankroll. Im playing 6handed sngs. I'm pretty fucking disgusted to say the least. Im on my 3rd table with no cashes in the previous 2. The first table I made a bad read I put the guy on a flush draw when he checked raised me on the turn with a 3rd heart didnt hit. I had 33 and he flopped 2 pair with an all rag board...Loss #1. Moving on to the 2nd one...... I won a few small pots early on. The guy on my right made a min raise from the small blind. I called with 10 9 in the big blind since it wasnt that much , and I'd be able to get away and still have chips. Flop comes J K Q. He put out a pussy sized bet that made me think he had a decent hand or he had shit,,,, either way i didnt care because I knew he didnt have A 10. I reraise his min raise, he then came over the top all in. I insta called of course he tabled AA the turn is a blank and the river is a 10!!!!! what a freakin luck box. Im on the 3rd one as we speak, Im the chip leader with about 5k with 4 left everyone has 1500 or less. I should be able to pull this one off to get back to even...............

Monday, February 25, 2008

The downhill continues....

It looks like the bankroll exp is going downhill at a rapid pace. Today I played a sit and go and some cash and was beaten with a one outer in the cash and played the sit and go on tilt from the cash game. I know I have to control the way I play on tilt but after getting sucked out for a $60 pot on .10 .25 nl with top set against trips it was hard to swallow when he makes quads on the river!!

The roll is fading away and is now to $240.00 but any day now we are expecting our $20 bonus from fulltilt to take us up to $260 approx. Their is another pokernews freeroll for a WSOP seat coming up shortly which may just be what the bankroll exp needs to get started.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Running BAD!

I know I haven't been playing for a while and my team is starting to complain a fair bit, so I thought it's about time I play some cash game. I sat down with $20 on 10c/25c NL HE, cold deck for ages then I start getting hands like KK, AA, QQ, AK and everytime I would run into a bigger pocket pair. Long story short, they put me all-in I call and I got felt! So I re-buy for $20 again hoping that I win the money back but the same thing happened again.

I'm gonna have 2 days off work now, so I'm gonna try and build the bank back up. It's at $310 now. See guys? It's not that bad of a deal that I haven't been playing! LOL! Anyway, wish me luck!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Been All Me Baby.............

Its true I have been on Tilt lately, but not in the context the Donk uses. Although with the big down turn in the last 2 days it probably seems like I have been tilting off our hard earned money....not the case. Each session started off pretty hot. I played 2 tables at once each of those being pretty soft. I was able to pick up dead pots, steal in position, and get paid off with monsters. 3 seperate occasions I capped the pot PF with AA, KK, and JJ. Each time being called and holding up.......easy breezy. I was running so well I almost cracked the $400 mark............Until everything went downhill. Its the same old story get it in with best and come out with the worst. I did do alot of check raising with semi strong hands that were not called so I was able to chip up that way. When I finally got my opponents to put the money in with the worst of it I got unlucky. One example......I had Q 10 off {Ep} the board came Q 10 x rainbow. I checked raised all in and was called by {MP} holding Q Jo......turn is 9 giving him open ended, and the river was a K. Scenarios like that happened through out the next few days wheather I had top pair top kicker they hit 2 pair on the turn or river, or my 2 pair being counterfited. I laugh to myself when I think of the Donk waking up to do a 20 minute sesh before going into work only to shit his pants when he sees how bad I run. For now I'll leave the cash play up to him and I'll stick to what I like best sng's. We only have 100 points before we qualify for the next WSOP freeroll, also something I'll leave up to the Donk. As for the Rock she never loses..........because she never plays.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looks like the Pro or the Rock (most likely the Pro) has been on TILT

After blowing one token from the two I decided it was time to play on the other one. It was a struggle and I played very tight and eventually went on to make the money. The top 72 players were paid out of the field of 721. I finished 65th and got $45 for my work. Not a bad day at work although it did take a little over 3 hours of hard work.

After making the money I went and payed some cash where I made another $15. So I took the total of the balance to $385.00.! Not to bad and it looked as though we might make it the $400.00 mark soon. Untilll.......

I went online this morning knowing that we need another 200 points to qualify for the next pokernews WSOP freeroll only to see our balance at only $356.00. A -$29 turn around. I don't think we have had that big a turnaround in a 24 hour period! We await to see the next blog to see what exactly happened....

Monday, February 11, 2008

One token gone and one to play for

As previously in the last post by the pro I have been running sick bad in poker yet keep coming back for more punishment! Before he left to go back to Vegas I had Aces cracked 6 times in 2 days and he witnessed at least 4 of them.

Yesterday I didn't blow money like it says in his post. I spent $13.20 on trying to win tokens to play $26 events, in which I was successful both times. And while chatting to Dave on msn I looked at any $26 events going on and it just so happened to be a pot limit Omaha Hi $26 event registering with 10min before the start.

I immediately clicked on the register button using one of the $26 tokens and played. I rate myself a better Holdem player than Omaha, but its a game I enjoy and love to play. Whilst in Las Vegas last year covering the WSOP with Dave and the rest of the pokernews crew I played mostly Holdem but every chance Omaha was up I would give it a crack (especially at Binion's - who also ran a nice H.O.R.S.E cash game).

The start of the event couldn't of been any better having nice hands, hitting and getting paid the maximum for them. I got into an absolute monster during the third level of blinds when I ran into the chip leader (on my table and the tournament). I flopped the small end of the straight with a Queen high flush draw so I bet the pot and he raised me! So I thought maybe he has a set or the same straight but I had a re-draw and was willing to go broke on this hand. Before taking just enough time, I re-pot him and he immediately came over the top to put me all in. Already having thought about this exact situation when I re-pot him I instantly called and he showed blank blank top set! I was ahead with the straight and my re-draw flush was good if it hit! The boardblanked out and my straight held up to take the biggest pot of the tournament at the time and lift me to second in chips of the tournament. Thats when it went all wrong!

I have never been in a position like this and normally am at the other side of the stick struggling to stay alive and trying not to be blinded out. I played pretty tight and got all my chips in a few times with draws against a set like the previous paragraph but this time it was opposite. He would either fill up or make quads (which happened twice in 7 hands). I played ok till a lapse in concerntration against a stack similar to me ended my tournament out of the money!

Nothing to show for, but keep plucking away hoping to hit the right notes soon for one big cash....

Looks Like It's Up to Me to Stop the Bleeding

I woke up around 5pm and was informed by email that we had already busted out. Busted out within the first 15minutes that is. The Donk is running pretty bad these days. So I think its only fair for me to play the next freeroll that we qualify for at the end of the month. The last session I had I managed to get us to $325. Today I checked the account and we were at $312 so it looks like he's running bad in cash games as well. I think he managed to win a few $26 tokens though. I did some low limit multi tabling and got us back to $325 and change. Hopefully when I wake up itll be the same or more, like I said thats what I'm hoping for.
We havent been able to break $350. We came close a few times during my trip but couldnt get anything going. Yesterday was close, I did some multi tabling and managed to get a little over $340, but encounted a plethera of suckouts and lost races. So ended the session at $325 as I mentioned eariler in the post.
The Donk used one of the tokens to play an PLO event. He was doing pretty well fluctuating between 2nd / 3rd in chips. It looked like he was well on his way to the cash but I guess he ran into a combination of bad luck and bad play. Im sure he'll post all his beats he encounted so I'll leave all that for him. So no cash for Team Bankroll in the PLO event.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

WSOP Freeroll = BUSTO (Real F#$%KING early)

As expected I didnt win the seat to the WSOP on FullTilt. But damm I didn't expect to get knocked out really early. Their was approx about 191 players this event with the winner taking a nice $12,500 package to the WSOP. Which included entry to the main event, accomodation and money for travel. These days you can take the cash and don't have to play the main event, and although the cash would be nice if I was lucky enough to win the freeroll no doubt I'd rather play the main event.

It sucked so bad going out within the first 15minutes! Like not even 20 people had been knocked out of the freeroll and I was out. Of course I play badly and get unlucky and blah blah bullshit. But man one break every now and then wouldn't be so bad! This time I was actually happy to loose because my opponent had the best hand when all the money went in preflop but again thats poker and no doubt The Pro and I will be playing some more cash games to get more points for him to play the next WSOP freeroll!

The hand - In short : KK v AA.

The Hand - In Long : Its a pretty tight table even though a lap just passed, I realised this was a great table to pinch a lot of hands. Tight being e.g someone raise everyone folds. I hadn't played a hand except my blinds (twice) and in true honesty their was only 7 players playing (the other 3 were sitting out - not present but registered).

I hadn't seen a real hand till I wake up UTG with pocket Kings. So as usual I pot it, and as expected it gets folded around to the small blind who re-pots me. WOW I wasn't entirely expecting that - maybe a fold or maximum a call but a re-raise had not been done at this table. What made this a WOW factor, was this person was the most aggressive at the time raising every second hand.I mmediately I put him on AK if that, showing very little respect towards his rasie. So I think for a while before pushing all my chips in hoping he has AK or maybe QQ, and an insta call made me think "Oh Shit not AA." Their they were just staring at me, my tournament and shot to make it to Vegas for free was over!

Their will be other chances and Dave might make it happen in a month's time but who know's what the future holds. Im not upset about putting all my chips in and to think the chances of the SB waking up with AA is rare. So as the story and saying goes "THATS POKER."